oe-init-build-env but with CROPS image


Wrap CROPS image to be used with Docker like Yocto's native oe-init-build-env.


Use it like you would use oe-init-build-env, run:

source crops-init-build-env

in your poky directory. Then you can run bitbake, devtool and runqemu like you could after sourcing the oe-init-build-env with the difference that the command is run inside the CROPS image.


When sourcing the script TEMPLATECONF can be when sourcing crops-oe-init-env.

If other variables needs to be passed prefix the variable with YC_. For example to pass a MACHINE environment flag through for bitbake:

YC_MACHINE=rpi bitbake core-image-minimal

Docker image

By default crops/poky:latest image is used. Different image can be used by specifying IMAGE when sourcing the script:

IMAGE=crops/poky:fedora-35 source crops-init-build-env

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