"Fork" of Win2-7(Pixmap) theme.

Win2-7(Pixmap) theme

This is a "fork" of Win2-7(Pixmap)-theme.

Goal of this fork is:

  • Fix current issues
  • Support GKT3.x

Note: GTK3 support is under development and latest 0.1.0 release just uses Adwaita theme for GTK3.


If someone wants to maintain support for other distributions or DE's than those listed below, feel free to contact / send pull requests.


Only supported distribution is Debian where the supported release will be always the current stable release.

Currently supported release(s):

  • Debian 9 (Stretch)

Desktop Enviroments

Only supported DE is Xfce4.


In GTK3 applications the best result from the theme is got when you have gtk3-nocsd package installed and configured.

Note: The Debian package of the theme will have the gtk3-nocsd package as a dependency and at least on Debian it is configured automatically without need to do any manual work, just restart or logout and login after first time installing the package.

PPA Repository

Debian package is available at

Content fethced from Gitlab trough Gitlab API.